We are building the
software for finance
teams which tells you
what to do next

Stargazr’s mission is to empower organizations’ financial potential to be successful by doing the right decision at the right time. Our product is equipped with a unique value driver model, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics aiming to tell our users what might happen in future and what they should do next.

Our Story

During our corporate experience in controlling we faced the issue that within the controlling department it was hard to answer questions like “Why is the company losing /winning money?” or “What could be the profit at year end?”. Finding answers to those questions after the month end closing was sometimes a nightmare. Through our PhD Research and an industry example, we could experience the benefits of applying a value driver model in controlling connecting all key drivers of the business with financial figures – and suddenly began to find answer to those questions. Today, we apply the current state of technology to even deliver a new quality of insights and decision making in an enterprise. We believe in a modern finance in an organization, where controller use the full potential of technology to let it do the ”dirty” work and can focus on business partnering.

Our Team